Sunday, March 7, 2010

here: more truth than you get at your average dinner party.
i don't really know what i'm doing.
i have no idea how to write a novel.
it could take me many more years before i do.
i'll die trying though. whether that's soon or not. i'll die trying.
also, it hurts a lot. the learning how to aspect.

the contradictory part?

it's also the funnest thing i've ever done and better than any other job i can think of except being a movie star. until i think seriously of what it would actually be like to be a movie star. and then realize that would be an enormously difficult job. never mind the acting, or the weight training, i'm just thinking of the boredom. waiting in a trailer. doing that 800th interview for the Buffalo Herald or whatever.

it's late. i don't usually blog like this. lower case and at such fast pace. perhaps even i'll take this post down. could be like, this blog will self-destruct in ...
this is a different voice from my usual, i think. the one i usually share here, i mean. i suppose i'm writing this influenced by a guy who blogs in new york. i won't share his name because he's so vain he probably thinks this song is about him. also, he already publishes books. and i don't. so i'm jealous. screw him.
this isn't a side i usually show of me.
i should run and hide.
write and revise.
you think i'm wasting my time?
that was rhetorical.


  1. Definitely keep this posted. Like indeed, keep on writing.

  2. Don't take this post down. Yes, keep on writing.

  3. Feel too shy to say thank you, but thank you.


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