Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sick chicken

sick chicken coughs and splutters and frets bout his own health.

oh woe is he!
that sick sick chicken.

he's barely grown up enough to handle the fact of goin to work never mind the thought of the exertion required for the washing of the dishes. that sacred sacred act.

that sick sick chicken!

sick chicken is not so deathly ill as to be grave. just sick enough to be lame. to be eh. to want to eat the wrong things he thinks will make him feel better. sweet things that go with the many cups o tea he drinks all day. or to try and hide away in the tele-vision, cept he finds he can't even stomach the price is right no more (could he ever?) (oh yes he could.).

that sick sick chicken!

sick chicken's got nothing to say but that he's learnin to get out of the house and his own head. cause otherwise that chicken's one lousy patient, boy! get out the house and talk to some of them people. he needs that. he needs that, and to drink his oj. and to eat more soup. and ... and, more water. drink more water, chicken! and another thing, stop with the sugar and the whinin. get back up on the caboose and start ... (findin a word that rhymes with whinin (dinin? grindin?)

oh woe is he!
that sick sick chicken

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