Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happiness is not Kindess

You can be happy without involving a single other soul, but you cannot be kind alone. You can be happy from drink, sex and vice, but these things will not make you kind.

Kindness is an act - it is the act of giving in some way to an other. Kindness is a spiritual thing.

Everything in our society (ie. media) screams for us to be happy. That we must be happy. Buy this and you'll get happy. Eat this and you'll be happy. Get her and you'll be happy.

I see people buying their way to happiness every day. We all do it. I just don't see that it's a feeling that lasts.

I keep wondering at the possibilities of a society that aims to be kind.

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  1. After moving to North America, what is sometimes hard for me is that the society constanly asks me how things are--I am constantly required to judge. Happy or unhappy. Satisfied or unsatisfied. Good or bad. Want or don't want. Some things cannot be judged as A or B...And "happy, satisfied, good, and want" do not always have positive meanigs.


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