Sunday, July 17, 2011

Canadian Women: The New Guard

Canadian Women: The New Guard

The next Margaret Atwood may very well be out there right now. Could be she’s started writing. If so, she’s likely already published. And while it would be rather presumptuous to suggest that one of the three women highlighted below will rise to such iconic heights, it’s fair to say these already established authors—who have been both admired by critics and lay reader alike—are well worth keeping an eye on. They are stars who continue to rise.

Miriam Toews
Some readers believe that what is taken from a novelist’s life is less worthy or intriguing than that which is wholly imagined. That writers as diverse and accomplished as Philip RothD.H. Lawrence and even Leo Tolstoy (in his novelThe Cossacks) took liberally from their own lives to create fictive worlds might be good reason to shake this belief. More to the point, when you were brought up in a Russian Mennonite community in Steinbach, Manitoba it would be foolish not to mine said material.

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