Friday, October 15, 2010


That book I mentioned, that I was about to review, it's been late in coming.
First a rough draft went missing (argh in the extreme), then a major deadline for a big grant came up that I was and am not nearly prepared for but would be crazy not to apply for anyway. On top of that ... well, I won't bore you with my personal life. We're all busy. But if you find the time to read - the desire to read - I promise, I'll be back next week. With a book. For you. And you. And you.OK, maybe not all of you. But most of yous.

In the meantime, a picture of a delicious salad:

What? It's the best I can do. The picture, I mean. Not the salad. I make a decent salad, but not as good as what Terroni on Queen St can do. But then, when half your salad is a good salty cheese, it ain't all that hard to impress, is it? Is it?


  1. I made myself a Salad today just to have a healthy meal for a change. Two hours later I'm amazingly starving, very grouchy, and demanded a McDonalds. Such a failiure to my cause

  2. Funny, I find that two hours after eating McDs I'm starving, grouchy and in need of ... yup, you guesssed it - more McDonalds.


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