Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Peter Sarsgaard: Chameleon

Peter Sarsgaard, the actor in An Education, is the also the guy from Boys Don't Cry. Need I say more?

I do; his performance in the latter was so pitch-perfect I was sure the director, Kimberly Peirce, had simply picked a piece of white trash off the road and dumped it in her movie, convinced the guy to read some lines and be ultra violent and asshole to women, as I was sure he must have been in real life. John Lotter, the character in Boys Don't Cry was so real, so raw, so disgusting it couldn't possibly be that he was portrayed by some kind of polished actor. What did I know? Turns out that actor picks some pretty perfect movies to be in. I highly recommend both.


  1. Anonymous2:00 p.m.

    Sarsgaard was really good in Kinsey. Not a spectacular movie by any means, but certainly a decent flick, and a great role for him.


  2. Anonymous2:02 p.m.

    Sarsgaard was really good in Kinsey. Not a spectacular movie by any means, but certainly a solid flick.


  3. I really liked Sarsgaard in Shattered Glass and An Education (I think he is underrated and Mulligan way underrated -- for me, she wasn't that convincing).

  4. I actually really liked Kinsey, Yair. And he doesn't ever seem to really fail, even if the movie does (ie. Shattered Glass). On a completely different note, did your sis tell her I ran into you?

    Speaking of, Tammy, I think saw Shattered Glass on a plane and found I liked it but that it really lacked somehow. But Sarsgaard, as all great actors seem able, almost came a third dimension out the screen his performance was so distinct, dynamic, subtle, unique, etc...

    And did you mean that Mulligan was overrated? Hmm... I liked her, but then I was floored by An Education. The DVD sits, as we "speak" on my DVd player. Gonna watch it tonight (or some of it); whatever time allows.

    You've both seen Boys Don't Cry, right? Cause Swank and Sevigny are undoubtedly brilliant and deserving of all the accolades they received. But Sarsgaard. Can't forget that performance.

  5. I re-read my own blog post on An Education and I seemed to like her. http://is.gd/dN4pB But in retrospect I think M probably *acted* well but she did not *become* that character. To be in love with someone mature....

    No, I haven't seen Boys Don't Cry. I will watch it when I have a chance.

  6. Have been scribbling down some things about Boys Don't Cry recently. Think it's time for a revisit. It's a hell of a film, beautiful, but it's not an easy watch. So you know.


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