Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Note About This Month's Photographer

A Post Production Supervisor, my friend Ajeeth Parkal took the beautiful picture this month. It's called "Sunset On Georgian Bay."

The photographer writes:

Ajeeth takes pictures of anything and everything. This picture was taken on an iPhone 3Gs at Georgian Bay on a private beach in Collingwood. It was edited using Photoshop Mobile on the iPhone as well. Photography is one of Ajeeth's many hobbies. While not taking pictures of random things you can find him watching TV, cooking, mountain biking, swimming or beating the author at Table Tennis [I wanted to write sic here but can't as he does beat the author, regularly] , but mostly just watching TV.


  1. Not sure where else to post this. Ajeeth, does indeed take nice photos, btw. I have to ask how J.K. Rowling ended up on your list of authors. I thought you couldn't really get into her.

  2. Hey, not a fan of her fiction, per se, but a big fan of that commencement speech I blogged about.


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