Saturday, June 26, 2010

ARTS BAG: Things in Stratford, Ontario That Heal My Soul

1. The river, and the trees that hang over it;
2. The moon, and the river and theatre beneath it;
3. A great play ("The Tempest," because it was the only show we saw and it was bloody brilliant. It's not the only one, apparently; rumor round town is that this year's Stratford Festival is the best in years);
4. Rheo Thomson: the little chocolate shop that could (cause they make their goods - and they  are so good - on site);
5. The other couples that stayed at A Cottage on Brunswick, the B & B we stayed at, people who spend money and energy on the arts and who can "waste" 2 breakfast hours talking about them;
6. The Artist's House: the artist (Gerrard), his art, his little house, his perfectly named little dog (Smudge);
7. The bravest girl I know. Hint: she's from Japan;
8. The ducks by the river and the ducks in the river. Because they remind me of Holden. And because, well, they're just nice;
9. A used bookstore, as it should be - cluttered and smelling of old books; and
10. An 80 year-old Christopher Plummer as sprightly and brilliant as any man in his prime could dream to be, so full of voice, so full of life. What is his secret, I asked the couples round the breakfast table at our B & B? He still has passion for what he does, they said. He still has passion.


  1. Jennifer9:22 p.m.

    A beautiful list... (I fell so in love with the city I moved here!)

  2. I saw Plummer as King Lear at Stratford a few years back. He was incredible. He IS incredible.

  3. Far off future fantasies, Jennifer, have a house in Stratford in mind. Ie. Jealous and I. Hope it's as beautiful to live as it is to visit.

    And yeah, TP, Plummer is incredible. And less arrogant and more regal than I would have thought.

  4. Thank you so much for this post. It's really great to know that the work we do here has that effect on people. It makes doing our jobs so much easier!
    Aaron Kropf
    Social and Online Media Coordinator
    Stratford Shakespeare Festival

  5. My pleasure, Aaron. It's easy to promote what you believe in.


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