Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Movie is "Sugar" - So Smart, Such Heart

Another 2009 movie worth seeing

It's about a Dominican baseball player who goes to America.
It isn't your typical formulaic Hollywood story.
I was going to include the trailer.
But the trailer is crap.
It makes the movie look like Hollywood cheese.
It's not.
It is also of course not just about baseball.
It's very human.
Filled with humor and hope and pathos and poetry.
I highly recommend it.


  1. Thanks for the tip, Jonathan. I got here by way of - listening to Rives and then reading your poetic response about the Internet - Great work!! So fun - it Almost feels like being part of the conversation.... thanks for making this a most interesting day

  2. My pleasure. Thanks for coming over to continue the almost conversation.

  3. We have watched it recently and we loved it!

  4. Awesome, T. Glad you loved it. I found this a really beautiful movie. As a once foreigner in a strange land, and an ESL teacher, I found his ordering breakfast so poignant. When he can't find the words and has to resort to ordering "Fren Toas" yet again. Heartbreaking, but so sweet.


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