Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Word Play

Wordy nerdy kid goes to Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), finds painting he likes, describes what he sees.

Jack Chambers' "401 Towards London No. 1" (1968-69)
A single truck travels down an otherwise empty highway in broad daylight. There are no other vehicles in either direction. The open road - is that already so dated? To think a road could be that open, that optimistic. The truck is small relative to the length of highway, a clean, four lane freeway, gently winding off into the distance. The highway, as it was then, a brief break, just a couple thin strips of grey between gently rolling fields of yellowing green extending out east and west. The expansive green fields themselves are dwarfed by a sky so big you see that the earth is small and that people don't even much matter, a sky that had earlier that day been all blue but that is now being slowly taken over by big fluffy white clouds.

You think, this is Canada.

Tomorrow: Camp Charleston Part III

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