Tuesday, January 6, 2009

When the Booing Stopped

Remember at the cinema when there were no commercials before the previews?
Then when they put the commercials in folks booed the hell out of them.
When the booing stopped at least people made a point of talking through them.
Now. Now everyone watches cell phone ads and car commercials in muted daze, mouths slightly open, slow lines of drool dribbling down their chins.

As a prof of mine one said, commenting on Orwell's "1984,"

'Big brother doesn't need to watch us - we're watching him.'


  1. Anonymous5:58 p.m.

    I love ads before the previews, but I love the previews more. Why do I love the ads? I don't watch TV and so I don't get to see many ads. Ads before previews are almost the only ads I watch. Sometimes it's fun to see what are the new concepts employed by ad people.

    Recently I commented on Orwell's 1984 too; and I quoted something by the journalist Dominic Rushe: "Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and other sites, we have turned on our own telescreens and people have flocked to broadcast their daily lives in a way that would have horrified Citizen Smith."

  2. You realize you are forcing me to admit that I too am attracted to some of those ads because they are, invariably, the very best of what's coming out of the ad agencies.


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