Friday, January 16, 2009

Ps and Qs

A friend of mine is in Montreal, back in the day (the university day). He's at an after hours club, the kind without alcohol where drugs like ecstasy (aka MDMA, which until about 1985 was legal in the U.S. and prescribed by psychiatrists for couples who needed to put a little "love" back in their relationship) are mucho abundantero. So my friend is walking down a narrow passage of the nightclub and this big guy passes by and as he does, big guy shoulder-bumps my friend, and not softly either. But as my friend is ready to get all huffy-angry and ruin-his-night upset, big guy turns round and says to my friend, literally offering out his hand, "Sorry, man," instantly diffusing any negative energy momentarily created.

The point of the story is not to promote lovey-dovey inspiring amphetamines over more aggressive intoxicants like alcohol, but rather to suggest that a little sorry goes a long way, and am I just getting very crotchety old man or have please and thank you started to disappear from urban society?

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