Monday, December 29, 2008

The difference between a boring person and an interesting person is often the difference between a TV (youtube, movies, etc) and a book.


  1. That not to say that I don't often bore the shit out of many. Or, for that matter, that ALL books have any sort of interest-making ability. (Or that TV doesn't produce some quality stuff, eg. Sopranos, The Office, etc.)

    Also, of course TV is an addiction of mine I'm forever battling, like the bulging belly of the man in his 30s. In truth, my writing is often self-talk. I just hope it reaches out beyond me. Oye. Pretty lame if it doesn't.

  2. Are you in your 30s already?

  3. Of course you are. Now I remember. But is 30s yours to be in? I may go there too. I shall.

  4. See, my writing is also self-talk. Whose writing isn't? Primarily everything is self-directed, -inflicted, -reflected.

  5. (So tired of typing a name that is mine. Why aren't you on Wordpress? *sigh*)


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