Monday, August 18, 2008

Vicky Cristina Barcelona: A Smart, Sexy Fun Movie

Barcelona, Barcelona!
When was the last time you smiled your way through a movie that was also supremely sexy and that at credit-rolling end had the two ladies sitting behind you describing it as thought provoking?

That had you leaving the theatre with your wife having to cross the street and enter a bar because you just had to have a drink (she: gin tonic; me: red wine); you had to talk about the movie as you were, still smiling.

I could say more. But I won't. 

OK, one more thing. This is now the second ferociuosly enjoyable, smart movie of the summer. Smart? Summer? Who knew?

[Wall-E being the other one]


  1. The best part of that night was when four teenagers left the theatre in the middle of the movie!!

  2. Teenagers. What do they know about drinking and screwing around?


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