Thursday, March 13, 2008

A SUNDAY IN JAPAN - as to why Japanese don't beat each other up after drinking, and one possible reason why they live longer than anyone else on earth

This was supposed to be the sequel to A FRIDAY IN JAPAN

I've tried writing this guy a few times. Tried writing him out in my journal (for some reason he's male) before ever I was into blogging, then tried a couple drafts here on the old blogaru. None worked. Sometimes that happens. Try and try and it just won't come out. Some say that eating prunes or smoking cigarettes helps. Not much of a prune lover and too much of an ex-cigarette lover to know (anymore). In short, know that this one ends badly.

Needless to say Japanese don't beat each other up after drinking cause it isn't culturally accepted to do so. Cool in Canada and most other Western countries dictates than men become fuckheads when in presence of alcohol. The cooler the man, the angrier, more aggressive, more prone to violence. This kind of cool Japan lacks. Excessive drinking here leads to passing out, puking and smelling up the trains at night. But that's about it. Oh and liver poisoning. Basically it's a culture that just isn't into showing anger. It isn't acceptable.

One possible reason why the Japanese live longer (but not the one I was going to mention) is that they eat smaller amounts. Another is that they don't live in urban sprawl where it's necessary to drive to the gym. People walk everywhere they don't ride bicycles. Your grandparents, if alive, if in Japan, would still be riding bicycles to get their groceries. And of course because the food, when traditional, is boiled, saltless, healthy fun for all.

But as I explained none of that is what this blog was supposed to be about. And never mind the prunes and smokes, sometimes it won't come cause it wasn't meant to, not this way. This one I realized (eureka!) is for the old fiction folder. Save it for a story. Make it poetry.

In short though, or, at least, in hint, if you ever come to Japan and have reason to come through Osaka, I recommend taking the Hankyu train line from Umeda station. Take the line bound for Takarazuka. Take the express cause the local will take you forever. Get off at the second last stop, Kyoshi Kojin. Oh, and most imortantly - go alone at night. A 15 minute walk up from that station, up a winding road with stall-shops on either side, closed after dark, you'll come to a temple, Kyoshi Kojin. Up there on top of that big hill/small mountain ...

Sorry if cryptic. Read the book.

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