Sunday, February 17, 2008

Just for a day, mind you (or, Being in Tokyo at night alone and wishing your way to something brighter)

The girls on the trains in Japan spend so much time making themsevles look good. And they do. They look stunning! They put on makeup like they are going to photoshoots, it is so subtle and perfect and lovely. They dress too like they are copying the pictures straight out of magazines, which is exactly what they are doing, and will admit it because in this culture there is no shame attached to blatantly copying. How many long brown boots, how many white cotton skirts. The boys are suckers too. The boys with the long bangs that they play with all the long train ride downtown. The boys who buy brand name wallets and suits that cost more than many a used car. They too can look so pretty. It is a pretty culture. And yes, a judgement is coming. That there seems an emptiness behind all that make up and Louis Vuitton accesorizing. I just cannot help wondering what would happen if everyone decided, just for a day, to put all that energy they put into looking so pretty for the camera, what if they put that energy into being kind?

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